Was moved to turn on the TV this morning. A sweet and sad  black boy was asking a white rich man to help his father. The white man said he thought the father would think it was charity – it would not work.

The boy bowed his head and looked devastated, and left.

Next scene: Love is having fun – It is turning all concepts on the head.

The rich white and rather fat man enters the poor black man’s house. They are lying around, looking devastated. They do it really well. The white man enters, and asks the black man to show him how to farm, on a farmland the white man owns but has  neglected. The black man says he does not want any charity. The white man says he would like to partner with the black man. The black says: ” But …you are white!” The white man says:  “Maybe white men could farm too?”  which is a rather surreal answer in this context. The black man grumphs and repeats that he does not believe in charity… and the white man turns the tables, saying “I promise I’ll be a good worker.”

It took quite a while before I understood that it was the white farmer who saw himself  receiving charity.

The look on the black man’s face when he understood that  this  conversation was turning the roles upside down was priceless. I saw generations of judgments and expectations crumbling in that little conversation.

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 17:23:12

    This is so lovely! Thanks.


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