the crack

The saga of the stove continues – and my necessary surrender to hear Blue’s Voice. The ego is suck a slick type, knowing how to modulate its voice sweetly.

I am thinking it might be smart to just call the stove-shop and ask for another stove – one with a cord and a plug.

OR – I could just call the producer of the stove and ask for a technician to come and attach a cord.

I call them, and hear that a technician will be asked to call me back. “In half an hour” he says.

He does not. So I feel the usual pressure to make something happen NOW – and allow the feeling of intense pressure. Sit down with it, being willing to wait for the right answer to become clear.

Logic wants me to do it right – “exchange the stove.” And still – that calm small Voice asks me to just sit down and rest – and reminds me that I have all I need, Love’s presence is always here.

I find out that I can relax completely. Either he calls back – then, fine with cord – or not: I will ask to have the stove changed.

But  no stress. I can even wait until tomorrow.

The then phone rings – and the cord-man tells me they are in my area tomorrow, and can come by.

I take that as a sign:-)

I walk to the bus station. It is slushing – the little shed is filled with people. I take a big breath and walk inside it to be dry – and they smile, to me and each other, and  I suggest that this is just like in an elevator: we CAN stand so close. Relaxed giggling around me. (Norwegians are usually not so very happy with (foreign)bodies close.)

I love this image of the closeness of our group under the little shed. Warm, intimate, people are starting to talk to each other.

I am busing to a  senior-cinema in town – ” A Dangerous method” – about Freud and Jung and Sabina Spielrein. They have dramatized one of the great  scenes between the two giants:

Freud calls Jungs belief in more than science mystisism and superstition – Jung accuses him of being rigid. There is a loud crack in the room – and Jung tells him that his midsection is glowing, and that that caused it. Freud poohs it away, Jung says: it will happen again – and it does.Freud becomes so scared and frightened by these psychic phenomena that he faints.

The crack is in my view the crack between science’s way of seeing the mind and soul as something that is explainable with scientific laws – and Jung’s belief that the psyche is religious in its essence.

Very interesting movie.  I recommend it.

Clicking publish, I am met with a flashing sign, congratulating me with publishing my 310th post. And a quote:

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. — Gustave Flaubert

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 17:34:54

    Now I wish we were neighbors for at least two reasons: (1) so we could have seen the movie together, and (2) so we could have discussed the content — especially Jung – my favorite.

    Plus, I’m loving the stove saga as well as the comment about Norwegians and closeness. I used to illustrate personal space in my classes by comparing the Swedish handshake that keeps people 6 feet apart and the Italian direct smack on the lips, or at least two smacks on the cheek.



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