So – the technician/ cable connector to Source/ was here with his apprentice…I was reminded of the Wizard and his clumsy little apprentice in “The Sorcerer’s apprentice” /Paul Dukas – in Disney’s” Fantasia. He connected my new stove to the socket/source – and I felt like new.

Well, not quite 🙂 – but slowly, it dawned on me that I felt different, and  a loving voice inside repeated throughout the day “I am now connected to Source.”

Yes I know I am connected to Source – always, as the Holy Son of God – and that connection is certainly not dependent on a physical cord. But symbolically, this has a big effect on me:  the old “energetic cord” between my earthly  deceased father and me has been severed and replaced with one I choose.

The day after, I was in observer mode from morning to bedtime. All was seen with Love. In the night, the light was present. Today, the connection to the old identity was very near, but a few Sedona questions sufficed to put me back in connection with Love again: my awareness of the old identity was  able to embrace it.

Then I read in the main paper an article about one of our black citizens – origin was from Kongo, but has lived here always. She had been assaulted on the street: a drunk woman had screamed to her husband:” Kill her! kill her!”

She broke an arm and was badly hurt, but not dangerous.

She told a journalist that some time before that, she worked in a flower shop, and a man had yelled invectives at her and told her she looked like somebody from the slavery-times. She came home to her young son, shocked and angry, and he reminded her of what she had told him:

“Mammy, you told me that we have to forgive to win. Do the same, and remember that people have equal worth with different upbringing.”

She said: “I was whole again.”

I think this is for me a wonderful essence of forgiveness: seeing the same worth in all is the same as seeing everybody as the Son of God – and remembering the  upbringing – the different scripts and experiences – as NOT who they are, but what they have to struggle with.

In essence:

“Different upbringing – same value.”

Those words have helped me change my perception again and again today.

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 15:29:28

    Beautiful. Thanks.


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