Indian levitation

I was having a cafe-meeting my favorite niece yesterday – kind-of-a daughter . We talked about our daughters. I mentioned the guilt I still felt about being a  not good-enough -mother to her – and suddenly I saw that I was guiltless, like a veil was drawn away. Chris looked at me smilingly and noticed something evaporating. Me too.

At home, I was feeling hyper and did an energy-medicine routine : I sedated the triple warmer meridian: that’s the one being in charge of the fight/flight- mechanism. In my case, and for most people I think it is working overtime.

The triple warmer also takes strength from the spleen, which is not healthy. So after sedating the TW, I strengthened the spleen. And for the first time in at least 7 years, the effect was instant and beautiful: the most radiant peace descended on me. It felt like somebody had sucked out all craziness from my energy system/nervous system.

Suddenly wild crying started. It came in bouts – all through the rest of the evening. The crying felt like it belonged to someone having been freed from tremendous pressure and coercion.

I had several strong dreams that night, and remember only the last 2 ones:

1) I sit in my car and watch a wondrous waterfall. The foam reaches my car, and I sense its vibration through the car – like a motor, very strong. Writing this, i think about the crying-bouts last night.

This water – or crying – is healing – without doubt.

2)I am on a world-convention in India. We are there to be helped by enlightened teachers to wake up and choose God. I watch one of them levitate: he shoots up in the air – he certainly does not believe himself being a body! Then he descends graciously, sitting in lotus-position, and sinks into a little pool of water before he ascends, shaking the water from his head.

I ask him, “Did you hurt yourself?”He is so radiant, beautiful and wise. He stands very close to me, and  I understand that the water somehow is a mid-station in the levitating-process.

His body radiates warmth, and Spirit – unlimited wisdom, gentleness, kindness. It is all around me. He tells me in his sweet Indian accent that I have a wonderful aura that is 3 auras in each other – I can see it when he tells me, it is a beautiful sight – but there is also a guilt-part that tells me that can not own something so beautiful, it is conceited…oh this old unworthiness-thought.

Still, I listen more to him – it is impossible not to.

“Please don’t take this in a wrong way” he says – “but maybe it is time that you begin to make a move closer to the border.”

Holy Spirit, please help me move in the way you told me in the dream –

I LOVE that you come as an Indian Master

I am going to sedate the TW again, and strengthen the spleen


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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 22:18:26

    Water- The symbol of re-birth



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