past – memories –

Yesterday I had a dream where I was seeing a vision: in the sky, there was a sculpture, made by clouds, of the little Child Jesus and GOD holding Him. Not Mary. The Father. It was awesome, numinous.

This night was filled with one disgusting dream after another: I was asked to try on demonic masks, and I refused. Then, “something awful” was energy-wise injected in my aura. It was tremendously scary, and I woke up immediately.

I asked for help, and a memory of this text came – a letter from “Emmanuel” I once got when I needed it desperately:

     ”What to do about the nightmares – the times when it seems that darkness is to take your breath and life away? simply know this: you are living a recall, not a current event. You are projecting out into the void a memory – fraught with terror, and a child’s experience – but a memory in distortion. What to be done? listen with respect to what the wound is telling you, but never, never again believe it. What is needed now, is what was needed then – a presence of a loving and tender adult who can compassionately embrace the terror and remain in truth.
Dark spirits are simply dark memories projected from past to present. They seem to take form and hold power for exactly as long as you are willing to give them life. You cannot kill them with hatred. You can transform them with love.”

IT IS SOMETHING FROM THE PAST.  It HAS already happened, now just reviewed.I can just smile and forgive.


Suddenly I understand what the Course teaches about time.

This is a miracle for me.

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  1. 1student1
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 22:36:05

    I suddenly “got” what the Course is saying about time, too…
    At first it made me want to curl up up and die…
    Traumatic – not beatific for sure!
    So I calmed myself. And steadied myself.
    And decided that if It got me this far, the rest might be OK, too!
    So here we go!


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