Letting go

Yesterday, somebody on the D.U group posted about asking for guidance about how to deal with strong energies in the aura, and she heard: “release the energy.”

This takes the process one step further than forgiving. I can forgive and forgive – but as long as the energy still feels the same, the thoughts repeat themselves and I get stuck.

She wrote to me:

I just visualize the energy as I feel  it around my body. Usually I feel it as a big cloud around my chest and stomach.  I just release the cloud to float into the air and then dissipate.

For me, this is another way of forgiving: letting it go. I did it  numerous times yesterday, and in the night too. And then my heart area started to loosen the very bony hard old stuff. I told it to release – and I stated that I wanted the miracle instead.

The peace that followed was not of this world. It lasted for a long time.I thought, basking in it, that I know what Heaven is about.

Exactly what I need comes to me these days.

I am so grateful

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