the freedom of releasing false beliefs

Sharing with Kit. Deep beliefs are being discovered and forgiven – beliefs released.

My turn:

I don’t know how to tell people how I feel sometimes.I can’t stand that I feel so hopeless and mute and I hate it. “I have to fix it have to fix this I HAVE TO fix it” is the belief and force-energy which I am attaching to and identifying with. As long as I believe in this, I feel helpless/hopeless. I can’t get through to my father. No connection.  he is so scary – and there is a love in me that i want him to see – I want him to see that this LOVE is in me. But he can’t see it – and then  I believe it is not there. – I have just given somebody I love a gift of great beauty of soul – and she has not even looked at it. I hate her for not wanting to see it – because I tell myself that when it is not validated, it is not there.

This is something I tell myself but it is not true: it IS here. In me. I observe how intensely strong I have placed this false belief: if she does not see my value, is it not there. I feel a DEMAND in me that she shall validate me – and a hatred and rage when she doesn’t.

Of course this hatred is there. It belongs to that situation, which is created out of ego’s demand of being validated, built on its subconscious fear that it has lost its value by separating from God.

This hatred and “need” is for the first time accepted as such and not judged. Inside my head happens an expansion that literally squeaks. Oh what a restriction I have had for letting that thought and belief become known.

Now it is free. My hate for my friend has disappeared. And inside a lot of giggling is going on.

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