Just looking with Blue at the fear of death

In a Skype session with Mary, I notice how attached I am to being afraid of death. I simply don’t want it to go away. Oh – but that is only ego, and I am identifying with it. Suddenly it is wonderfully OK to allow the wanting of fear of death: that means that there are no judgments, no resistance. It has been brought to Love.

This wanting the fear of death is the same as wanting a me. I notice the feel of this in the body: what I always have called “me” has at its very ground a fear of death – and it is not serious, because it was never real.

There is nothing to forgive here.

I notice the sharp pain in the ankle, I notice the fear of death -notice the tendency to run – to eat, read the paper – noticing how the body plays along with the wrong mind, having “symptoms” -and I am grateful that I can use these patterns, habits of mind to separate my Self from the fear-identity.

At the Holy Altar there is room for all.

As the fear-identity is watched, the body is filled with moving sensations. I don’t have to fix it or heal it or do anything with it. I don’t need to understand it. Just looking with Blue.

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