lost and found

This night, helicopters flew over my house many times. Cars with huge lights. Soembody was searching for someone. When morning came, I read the paper – a Downs syndrome-woman had been lost in the woods since last evening.

I prayed to H.S: I don’t know what is best in this situation, and I forgive myself for believing that she/I can be lost. I see her as being found, safe and healed and happy.

Half an hour later I read in the web-paper that she was found alive and happy at approximately the time of my prayer.

Ego goes bananas of course. “I” did it!”

Nope. Me choosing peace and seeing her unharmed may very well have contributed to her being found – I have 3 notebooks filled with situations like this when “miracles” have happened as answers to prayers / choices for truth – but if so, this has to do with my choice for truth and my forgiveness for dreaming the situation of being lost.

The peace i felt when i prayed felt awesome: the power of knowing that our choice has immense power.

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