the walk to my Father’s Chair

Very symbolic dream two nights ago.

I am in my Father’s house ( my childhood’s home.) A young Chinese – or Japanese man – a man from the polar opposite of my world suggests that I do a ceremonial walk – to demonstrate something for the people celebrating Christmas in my home. This man  may be (reminds me of) another dreamed Asian who initiated a deep change in my life towards healing in my 20-es: his name was Kindred. At that time, I was in Jungian therapy. In the dream,I had gone through the ice and was dying from cold – an apt image of my experience at that time. Then the Japanese gets me out of the hole in the ice and takes me home to him – and blows his warm breath into my frozen body and soul. He disappears – and when  i leave his house the day after, I notice his name on the door: Kindred. I know it must mean something – my dreams always bring me vital info – and discovers that it means something like “closely related /family.”

So I listen well to him now, when he tells me that I should do this walk naked.

We undress me together. It is sweet and honest and innocent and  true.

I tell him to turn of all lights, except the  wax-candles on the Christmas tree. ( I have always felt a holy Presence when I light these candles and stay and look at the lighted tree in a dark room.) It is in this light I will do the walk – down the stairs and in to the living room over to my father’s big chair.

I must be naked and transparent going Home to God

Hehe – there was a  judge present in the dream. Of course. The judge was a LEMON! He told me that this was stupid and that I was a fool.

Oh God what a dreary life you must have, mr Lemon, when you have to judge like this all your judging life. No wonder you are sour.


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