Monsters demasked

I am dreading talking to Kit about her not supporting my book at the publishing-webside.  I feel this sinking feeling and desperation coming – clearly an old taboo-monster lurking. So I ask Blue to give me the words I need.

It feels like a curtain is drawn away and light comes in. Trust is here. I know I can look forward to our Skype session and have great expectations.

And in the session I simply show her the paranoia-monster, who is bellowing “Fuck you, Kit, why can’t you write a comment about the book, you’re my best friend” and….much more of the same:-). Neither I or kit take it seriously, both are laughing at the outburst and the energy in it. And there is no guilt at all present – and no “bad language” repressed in order to “have Love.”

I feel a great shimmering silence emanating from my mind and body.

Kit shares her wailing complaining “tired toddler-mom”-monster. She says she wishes she were more enlightened in such situations where both her toddlers fight to have his diaper changed as the first. And when asked how she would tackle it if she was enlightened, she immediately knows that she would just lie down at the floor with both of them and laugh.

So now we both laugh at our monsters trying to be important and powerful.


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