Last night, like so many nights now, there comes a tremendously strong energy/sensation in the body. It feels like it is controlled by huge forces. Body goes into cramps, it feels like crushed in a vice. I am not willing to just lie here and believe I am a victim of this any longer. I ask Jesus for help, and immediately got an impulse to roll over on my back and allow this energy to leave my body mind. I also heard “Samskara.” This is a concept my Buddhist-teacher found very meaningful – it’s like an imprint from deep unconsciousness.

My fear and resistance dissolved in a second, and there came a melting peace – at the same time as the cramps changed into something else.The pains just stopped being pain. No suffering, no fear – but the energies played themselves out as before, just now without any reaction to it.

It was a moment when I was completely fear-free. Even the fear of death was absent. All was fine as it was – even with these crazy energies/cramps. Gratitude was everything.

Later in the morning, it came back – and i  did not find the same way to relate to it.


And this day i got a letter from the Foundation that I was allowed to use all the quotes from Ken in my book, and ” We are so glad that you found such a healing way of working through the very painful experiences you have had, and that you have been able to to experience the peace that is our natural state as children of God.”

Boy does that feel good

(This is taken from Gurumaa’s website:

Q: What is the definition of the word ‘samskara’? Is it the karma which is earned from the past life?

A: Well, the word ‘samskara’ can be translated in English as ‘deep impressions’. It does come from our past life experiences and it is also what we are gaining in this life. In our childhood and even today, when we interact with people, our indriyas or sense organs are receiving so many stimuli, the conditionings, the deeper impressions which remain as residue in our subconscious can be called ‘samskaras’.

Speaking of Hindu masters,I want to share this delicious video. What a hugger she is.(The hugging starts at 2:30.=

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