No respect -really?

The ego is calling me such a wuss.

Today I discovered that my doctor has never told me that I must NOT take my thyroxine the same day I take a blood test – because then the thyroxine-values will show too high, and the medication will be set too low. It was written with small writing on the test-paper.

I showed him – and he said, come back early tomorrow morning.

Not apologizing for having me take a long bus ride in vain. Not looking devastated at his fault. Did he not understand that I could have died, and it would have been his fault?? Ah,. I get it – he doesn’t care if i live or die. It’s simply not important.

Yes – this is what i instantly told myself. I told myself that I (my life)was not respected, not valued, just a piece of shit to be thrown in the garbage.

Looking at it with Blue, and seeing what a classroom this is, felt great.It did not take many minutes to see that doc had done me a favor – to get this old pattern up in the light to release it.

At the bus station, the bus driver exploded at a woman who was stressed. ” I am not willing to take this. Get off the bus! I am not driving until you leave! I will NOT take this!”

I forgave it. He showed me myself, and I felt tenderness only. People started to leave the bus – and strangely enough, another bus to my home was standing exactly behind the first.

I entered, the driver was in a good move – until later when he suddenly exploded at a young boy who did not move fast enough backwards.

Same energy. Same response of tenderness. Just another forgiveness opportunity: ego was doing its best to create situations to upset me.

All these so-called “errors” led to me being able to let go of this old theme.

It’s really all good.


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