New vision and healing

T-22.III.8. Let not the form of his mistakes keep you from him whose holiness is yours.

Today is a day when this text springs forth in my mind, and I can see what Jesus says. I look at my father, the insane rapist: mistakes, says the Course. Inside is a gentle revolution happening, mirrored on my left (feminine) side of the body. I am filled with an intense desire to see my father as Spirit, healed and whole and innocent of being the carrier of a story that I starred him in, as my guilty violator.

2 Let not the vision of his holiness, the sight of which would show you your forgiveness, be kept from you by what the body’s eyes can see. 3 Let your awareness of your brother not be blocked by your perception of his sins and of his body. 4 What is there in him that you would attack except what you associate with his body, which you believe can sin?5 Beyond his errors is his holiness and your salvation. 6 You gave him not his holiness, but tried to see your sins in him to save yourself. 7 And yet, his holiness is your forgiveness. 8 Can you be saved by making sinful the one whose holiness is your salvation?

Could the mechanisms of projection be described more clearly than this?

T-22.III.9.6 And so it must become impossible for each to see himself as causing sin by his desire to have sin real.

Here it is again: My mind’s wish to be guilty and punished.

When I look back into earlier lives, it seems that we have played these roles many times, he and I. In this moment, sitting in the sunny room a silent Sunday morning, I choose it to end, and to truly see him as Spirit. As I need to forgive him, being willing to see with true perception, I also am willing to see that I’ve learned a lot from this experience – and that the only form of forgiveness that has made it possible to heal, is the Course’s radical one: it never happened in reality.

A wonderful release is happening on my left side. I start to remember the places where he and I shared real love:

Out In a little rowboat, just the two of us – quietly fishing for hours. He did the killing, I didn’ have to.

Out in the woods, looking for chanterelles. He always found the places, and he saved them for me. He loved my joy.

Listening to music together…Beethoven.Mozart. Schubert. Completely silent and in heaven.

Holy Spirit, you have my full willingness to have my perception healed.


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