Yesterday morning, in the state between sleep and awake, Blue showed me the image of a blank white paper – and  resting in the empty space in the lower left corner, a little scrap of paper with on word: TRUST

the space was in the Image I was shown much larger in comparison to the little scrap of paper with "TRUST" on.

This word feels like a reminder: be willing to be in the empty space of not knowing what to do, trusting what Blue shows you and tells you.

REMINDER is really the word. I know this place: it is available all the time I don’t favor fear instead. I certainly cannot trust as long as I feel fear – but trust is right behind it.

I put little smooth stones in all my pockets, as reminders to remember “trust.”

Then I walk into my healing-room – and look at the red pillow I sit on when I give sessions. It still has the imprint of my behind after the session where I set borders and spoke up, described in my post before this. And look at the shape on it: exactly the same as the form of the paper where “trust” was written. I really need to hammer this in, it seems.

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