The eye of the storm

Today, my friend Barbara posted this on acimdaiylylessons:

When we think on I AM all other thoughts will eventually dissipate.  They have to do so.  Their life comes from our belief.  Without our belief, there is no life.

I AM is the eye of the storm.  The winds are swirling in every direction, but I AM is not touched.  Our ego will continue to visit and will throw stones in many different directions trying to distract us from our focus.  But we remain steady.  We remain constant.  We stand in I AM.

The eye in the storm…the I in the storm…I remember an episode when I was 4 years old. I was standing outside the church close to my house, where I used to play alone in the churchyard. My mind was in a big turmoil from all the chaos and abuse at home which I had to push away properly not to “lose it.” So I pushed it so hard out that it felt like I was standing in a cyclone. I still remember the “outer wind” mirroring the inner wind/chaos – and suddenly, all was still: I was standing in the I in the storm, and knew I was safe in this center.
And wonderfully – in this moment the priest who lived in a house 10 meters from where I stood, saw me in the wind, ran out, scooped me up in his arms  and carried me inside, where he called my parents to come and get me.

Suddenly I remember HOW it feels in that Eye/I.
THanks my dear sister for this image. It was just what I needed right now.

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