Turbulence and soothing help

The turbulence in the mind lately are huge. Not taking it seriously is nice – but I can’t work much. Maybe I am not supposed to 🙂

Instead I went to A Course-Quote-notebook,and opened it randomly. And see what Anne Tex had written some time ago:

Then when the turbulence starts we (I) think something has gone wrong.But maybe we have to unlearn that part as well…maybe by going through it!

But going through it with a Guide –

who remains calm and reminds us not to flinch or panic –

Cuz if it is really an illusion, then what would we react to ( in content)?

And when we remember that God is Love – what is there to fear?

Exactly. And the rate I am going through it shows me that I must really do a very good job 🙂


A 70-year old lady had a session this morning pr phone. She is a seer but not really accepting it – so when the input becomes overwhelming, she freaks out. 10 minutes with the Sedona-method was all it took to bring her to a state of mind with complete calm and peace. For now, I guess 🙂 – but these questions are so powerful: “Could you allow that to be as it is – just for now?” If No: “Could you allow that resistance to be here?” “And: “Could you allow the Love that you are, to take care of that?”

All we need is a reminder to allow

So soothing!.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    May 14, 2012 @ 14:55:12

    I love this, Leelah. So true!


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