A good conclusion

I get the realization that the mind/body is experiencing some of the pain I have repressed, connected to the traumas. I feel weak like a half dead kitten, and when I do not identify with it, I can just allow it to be there and give it over, being willing to change my mind about it – and remember that I am dreaming it.

Today too I got these so very nice signs/reflections of guilt in my mind: again on the bus. An inspector/policeman enters the bus to inspect if people have paid their fare. A large man, not from my country, and an inspector, comes from the back and start to argue right beside my seat. The customer becomes more and more loud-voiced, explaining his innocence, and the inspector does not give in.

AH! this is a reflection of something in my mind – a foreign part ( = unconscious – is protecting his innocence. AH! I AM innocent. I forgive this reflection – and the same moment, the two start to laugh and pat each others shoulders and the inspector says ” NOW I understand you” and the man calls him friend.

Something else seemed to have come to a conclusion today too. Two times  this spring I have tried to get a ticket for a great one-man-play at the theater, where  an excellent actor and dramatist  has made, and plays alone, a story called “Abraham’s children” , weaving a wonderful tapestry of the three big religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

First time I tried to get a ticket, the last one was sold out to the person before me.

Next time I came to town, they had forgot to mail me that the actor was sick.

Today, they simply could not find my ticket. I felt very calm and a bit amused. Then the woman told me “well, I can just print it out” which she did.

I enjoyed the play tremendously – and loved hearing the different stories about Mary and the birth of Jesus that the Quran had. I also enjoyed the actor playing elephant and camel, and Jonah in the whale, in a fisherman-dialect from up north.

When I came home, The carpenter had repaired what was needed on the job. He got a bad back in front of me, and I introduced him to 2 minutes of EFT –  whereas his back felt good again.

Nice work – and as said before, it feels like  a cycle has come to conclusion.

Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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