Advise from Holy Spirit/ Barbara

Below is part of what I recently mailed my friend Barbara:

“…I think I need to get in touch with the part that has made this decision to split to “protect” me – and I have given this intention to H.S. again and again.
Still I sense this old “me” seems to control most of my reactions – like when seeing a doctor and going into panic.”

Here is the answer – the bold part is what stands out for me:

Why?  What purpose does it serve to “get in touch” with that which is not real?  Who is telling you to do this?


The Holy Spirit begins our healing on the level that we understand.  H.S. knows that we think we are a body so the H.S. patiently works with us to undo all that is associated with the body.  However, the ego will take this healing process and turn it into the never ending process.  We can continue to find every aspect of us that needs healing and painstakingly one by one deal with each issue.  Or we can simply see they are all the same.  When we have looked at one we have looked at them all.  They are all the same.  They are simply thoughts of separation. 


How long do we want this process to last?  This is our choice.  The ego will tell us that we have to continue as long as there is any “evidence” that we are not healed: panic attacks, growling dogs, children turning white when they see us, bodily injuries, and pain. But, again, all of this “evidence” is not real.  It is simply manifestation of thoughts in our head.  So why pay it any heed?  Why not instead acknowledge that we are wrong and the Holy Spirit is right when we say we are not healed and the Holy Spirit answers with I AM healed.


Holy Spirit, we come with open hearts and open minds to receive all that Spirit has for us. We immerse ourselves in Love. We drown in Love.  Our clouds of thoughts are turned to a purifying rain that washes away all doubts, fear, and confusion till only the Son remains. Our sole purpose is to remind all of who they are. There is no hesitation in our steps.  We have made Heaven our decision.  Holy Spirit, we run to You.


Barbara Griffin


I have heard this so many times. This time I believed it. Blue/H.S. was gently leading me through the night  each time a thought of fear/separation came, Blue said: False Evidence Appearing Real = FEAR. I was shown that I was wrong in all cases, and that none of it mattered. It was all coming from my dreaming mind outside time and space. I spent timeless periods in an understanding from a very high place  – things were utterly simple, seen with true perception. How could I ever have failed to see this simplicity? was the feeling.

When I woke up, I had seemingly left that level of no-me – but the world seems a little more transparent today, a little easier to look through.

And another cycle ended: I was attending an old wonderful actor’s last solo-performance: “What is an actor?” For Course students, that is a prudent question, since we believe that the world is a stage:-) And this actor is very dear to me: he was the Theater Director the last 10 years when Kip and I had our productions there for a period of 20 years.

Today he recited among other things the monologue of Hamlet. A silent sacred space opened, the audience was woven into this NOW, and my tears were falling the whole time he spoke: it was the first time I really heard it and heard that it was written for me – the me that is all of us. The gratitude of receiving it was without end.

He did more wonders: this 85-year old played a monologue in his own dialect of a young hot-headed angry girl who wanted new shoes, and her father who questioned the necessity of it – it was done with such tenderness for both of them that tears come just by writing this.





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  1. Barbara
    May 21, 2012 @ 20:26:33

    Beautiful dear Nina:) When we truly see what we are not, it is so simple to see Who we are.




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