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Skyping with Kit – the last 5 minutes of our 1-hour sharing/awareness-session. I am sharing a joyful episode at the D.U-group last week: a woman complained that the Course didn’t work for her, and I felt inspired to give some suggestions pr private mail. She mailed back and said she had experienced a miracle. That helped me recognize that the suggestion really came from Truth.

She then mailed me again, to tell me that she had had a fall-out with her best friend for 15 years. Now she had texted her friend, and all is well.

Kit shares that when she hears this, she has  a huge energy reaction in her body. As she describes it, I recognize that she is picking up what I have refused to open up to in my body. As I realize this. I can sense the echoes of the release.

Now I just sit with what is going on in the body and energy-field: a dense brown energy-field is coming from outside my head, seeping into my head/right eye and ear and out again. I acknowledge that this is just something I have programmed to obscure Truth and Love. I do not need to know where it comes from – I just say that I am willing to be wrong about it being serious ( or interesting to analyze) – and I want to experience Truth instead of this.

I see how I feed ego by taking it seriously. HOW I do this – by becoming irritated, angry or scared – does not matter one iota. The only thing that dissipates it is my choice for Truth.





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  1. Barbara
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 14:00:00

    Very good Nina! The ego thrives on our attention. The greatest poison for the ego is to simply ignore it.




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