Expanding ripples of Love

How amazingly liberating to see how I can use the Course-principles for non-Course students.

I have noticed how my student/patient easily and gratefully falls into practicing being wrong, and being willing to not know what to do or think, and being willing to see the situation differently and observed her lighten up and becoming peaceful when she find this willingness. What a wonder to see somebody so willing to learn to choose love over fear, and the wondrous effects it has on her psyche and body.

A little more than one hour was used today to observe the healing process in the body-mind when she let go of ego concepts – and her observation of what that did to her feelings of peace and freedom of tensions.  As she willingly allowed things to be as they were, because she did not have  “to do” something with anything, a remarkable field of Love permeated the room. And I saw a clear image of Self as a clear and silent pond: a stone was dropped in it, and the ripples expanded and expanded and expanded.

We are these ever-expanding waves of love, expanding. I realized how helpful this image is for me – it surpasses the intellect, which is where ego easily traps me. When I can see myself as this Love- ripples-expansion as a correction, that is so helpful.

And unlike our world, where all ripples eventually come to a stop, in reality there is no end to the expansion of Love-ripples.

And I KNOW that.

Thank God for my patients – my gifts

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