Shadow dance

In my window there hangs an ornament: a circle of silvery metal, inside the circle a Unicorn and a sun with rays – all made of metal. Inside the sun is a clear crystal prism which gathers the light and separates them into the specter of the rainbow. Early in the morning, my living room is filled with dancing rainbows.

Now, I sit in the sofa with the blue book, and look at the dance of shadows on the table before me. Outside my window is a big tree, and its shadow-leaves are creating ever-changing patterns on the table-surface.

There is my ornament too, as shadow-image – and the sun is now an opaque blob, and the rays coming out from it makes the sun look like a spider.I  fear spiders…

This may be a metaphor of the Son of God’s perception, looking with the ego: God turns into a spider who eats her children. Matter turns transparency into dense forms – and as I observe it, I sense how even this image – which I KNOW is illusion – still seems to have power over my nervous system and making me cringe.

The image itself is meaningless – but golly, have  I given it meaning! And it is these stories about it, that I believe in, that makes me cringe.

As the sun moves, the shadow of the big trunk of the tree moves onto the table-surface – and the spider is covered. So is most of the sunlit surface. The leaves still dance, and the sun-filled spots changes. I discover that I notice that the sun is there, even when the shadows flicker over it.

The sun is there all the time – it is the only permanent factor. Well, you could argue that it disappear when a cloud floats in front of it – but the only thing that has happened is that I have allowed myself to focus on the shadow.

No wonder that I am fooled by appearances: bodies, landscapes, words.

We are not required to see truth instead illusions in the world – but we can WANT it, be willing to remember that what we are seeing are false perceptions, and that we have given it all the meaning it has for us, based on concepts made through our lives. We uphold the image with our collective belief in it: without our belief, the Universe disappears.

I want to remember to look behind the appearances of shadow-dance and remember our shining eternal Home.

Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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