Old identities falling apart

Yesterday I found the Voice saying:

“I am not willing to be a pawn for the ego thought-system.”

My suffering identity is such a pawn. Any victim-identity is such a pawn. And as always when something changes, H.S gives me dreams that help me see that I can trust the process.


I am lying in a tall big rickety bed. I seem to be ill, exhausted. Two seamstresses from the theater I used to design costumes for are here: they have brought 3 dresses that are mine, to have me try them on – do they still fit?

When I leave the bed via a ladder, the bed falls to pieces – but a young carpenter is there and fixes it for me – but in a rather clumsy way: this bed IS no longer safe to sleep in.

All of the dresses seem to have been made roughly in the same pattern and form. They are long, with lots of fabric, costly materials, they look like clothes that the aristocracy wore in times gone by. And all of them have a peculiar trait: they can be taken out and in as one grows in size (becomes thinker or thinner.) One dress is my wedding-dress (it looks vastly different from my real wedding-dress, who was really unpretentious) – another is bright red. All the dressed have many fabrics, lace, silk, velvet and brocade; I love to mix fabrics and structures when I work with textiles.

When I try the red on, I feel like a little kid in a far too grown up dress. It is heavy too – I think I might have outgrown these kinds of fashion.

Then I am driving my car – it is the model of the old T-Ford – (but it is really my bed!) I am driving in my sick -bed, costumed as an old car – could I ask for a clearer symbol? I notice that this is just a test-drive -and I drive in my childhood-area. I must drive VERY slow and carefully, if the old car shall not fall apart.

I am allowing the symbols to work in me. Whatever I see and experience is a reliving of the past – the past has gone, all of this has already been corrected by H.S, I want to choose the Miracle instead.







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