Belief in limitations melting

I am soon going to a workshop in story-telling with my favorite story-teller, Nancy Mellon – and when thinking about that, I felt the familiar sting of fear and anticipation of attack from people there. Something inside instantly questioned the certainty of it happening – and it dawned to me that I was just encountering a pattern in MY mind – and that I did not have to project it on “outside attackers” any longer.

In that moment, the physical imprint of the pattern became very strongly felt in the body. Very very strong. I relaxed completely and released it to the Holy Spirit. As I lay there and sensed the energy release, I heard ” and all of this is just a replay which you renew again and again each time you automatically start to interpret what you are sensing and feeling as the old attack-story – and that it is REAL.

That reminder helped me even more to let go: the heavy sensations I was feeling  were not signals that I was in danger NOW – just memories of old story-patterns that I automatically attached to as “mine.”

At the breakfast table, I was doing a Sudoku. It seemed that this was the most impossible difficult one I had ever seen. Instantly, I felt a nudge to check – could this be a pattern of lack and hopelessness that I was seeing this Sudoku through?

Of course it was – the feelings slipped right off. I rose from the table, rinsed my teacup ( the beautiful  cream-white one with a pale blue spiral at the bottom) returned to the Sudoku, remembering that I just had to be willing to receive the solution instead of struggling to “find” it and be The Great Suduko-puzzler.

As soon as I had let go of that belief of hopelessness and limitations, my perceptions changed – and it felt like a miracle (  it WAS :-)) to witness how I now easily saw the solution of the Puzzle.It felt like walking through a maze – and my body just knew the way out of it, by each moment listening to the directions from the Heart.

I see that I can use absolutely everything to wake up 🙂 Doing Sudoku with H.S is delicious –

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