Mission possible


I am in a Mall. (It strikes me that it is a symbol of the place where ego shops for believes and ideas that are fitting -) I meet Tom Cruise – he tells me that he works with people who are go-betweens – who carry important messages, and who must do this in secret because there are people who are afraid of the messages and will see them as a threat. – Would I like to be a messenger? I would – and he takes me into a locked room in the center. He gives me the message on a bit of paper, I fold it in 4 and leave the room. Near the exit I see the person I shall give it to – a very tall female security guard in uniform. 7 feet I think.

I did it! It was simple! Mission possible! She accompanies me out of the center.

I have been the instrument of liberation, and it feels great.

Then I fall asleep again – and in the state of half-slumber my body does a jolt: there is a feeling of shock, terror – and then peace. Something left my mind/body and I felt it on its way of passing out of my energy-field.

A deep relaxation spreads – and I hear that my willingness to be a “messenger” – set this inner liberation off.

I have felt this exact shock and fear before: a metaphysician removed some dark stuff from my aura.

Later, with eyes closed, another sensation occurs; one second of utter complete dense darkness – then it is gone.

I am relieved at knowing that I have given my process of healing to Blue – so what I feel now is leaving, and not entering. It seems that I still believe darkness is lodged in my aura and mind, and for the first time I do not fear that thought – my willingness to bring all to the Holy Spirit is liberating me.


After my shower, the phone rings. It is my doctor!

“Hi, it’s doctor S, I just want to tell you that after you held your hand at my back, the pain has gone! I think its so funny!  I am at my cottage now with my family -I tell everybody about it – that my patient held her hand for some seconds on my back, and that healed what I haven’t been able to – and I have tried everything – and I have told everybody about it, and so I thought I would tell you too!”

And we laugh and laugh

_ __


On my way down to the (real) Mall  later today, I realized for the very first time  that if somebody looked angry, it had to do with them. I was not in danger! If somebody looked lost, I did not have to feel responsible for comforting them. Some huge hooks, that before were invisible to me ( or impossible to do something with) were gone.



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  1. Barbara
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 16:26:51

    I love it!~an instrument of liberation:)


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