Three angels visiting

The Course reminds us that “In defenselessness your safety lies.” I truly know how much fuss I stir up when I believe in “doing it on my own” that is, excluding God or Love.

I have lately attended a symposium for Storytelling. Ah. These people belong to my tribe, I enjoyed it immensely – except at nights, where darkness was overwhelming – I simply could not seem to get the help I needed.

One day, a friend shared a story about three angels staying with her. She had done some strange procedures to have them visit, and the three wishes she gave them were fulfilled! So I asked her if I could borrow them the next night – and she said yes!

In the night, it felt like the energy field lightened – I got exactly the boost I needed to be able to look at the dark beings and NOT want them to go away – so now, I felt safe enough to say:“ Here we are. Welcome. Is there anything I can do for you?”

They melted – and behind /inside were frightened children.

I have known that, but it is vastly different to experience it.

At breakfast, people remarked on how well I looked – like a big suffering had fallen off. I girl said, “When I saw you first time, you were a head shorter than me. Today you are a head higher.”

Two heads growth!

This feedback is so very valuable – since my body does not feel any lighter. Without this feedback, I might have pooh-poohed the transformation. What an immensely vital reminder this is : the pain and agony in this bodymind is not MINE – it is the collective ego-mind’s suffering, proving that we are separate from Love.

When I came home, the usual agony in the mornings was still there. But now, when I asked for help to see it differently, Blue said: “You are picking up the collective field of memories from massacres.”

Instant release.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jacalyn
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 19:52:23

    Wow, that is so helpful-“it is the collective ego mind’s suffering, proving that we are separate from love”. That should ease things (if I remember it, and am willing to engage it). Thanks so much!


  2. notesofashamanstudent
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 02:26:55

    Nights and mornings have been hard for me at times also. Your choice to embrace the “dark beings” and allow transformation is very inspiring. You are a beautiful soul.


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