Lost and found: enough

Alright, this last video in this post is a gift of synchronicity to me. I have to tell you that today I felt a big ENOUGH. The night was nightmarish again. When it started I started my prayers too – and I felt such joy and connection. Then huge pains started in the chest area – and this mechanism is old: when I seem to be connected to Truth, ego flares up in defense. Heart pains are its favorite: very scary.

Something inside just gave up. I felt a huge anger at God, and expressed it. Felt instantly better. That made me wonder what was going on. Where do these pains come from? ego thought system. Whenever I connect to truth, they seem to attack me.

In the morning, I felt like jumping out of the window. I can’t stand this any longer. I logged on my email, and found the father and daughter-video in the last mail – which I titled lost/found. Then there was another video in my YouTube-digest which also was titled Enough: from the author of “Lost and found”…it felt like a sweet smile from God. So I will post it below.

I see how the inner attack is kept alive by an eternal unconscious root-belief that I am not worthy, and so must “deserve” these attacks from darkness when I connect with Truth. ENOUGH says the Voice now ( which is MY voice: I am the author of “Lost/found”:-)) What uses to happen when I experience help like this, is that the next time the attacks come and I remember the ENOUGH, there is no change at all – AND the helplessness instantly arrives and reminds me that the Course is an all wrong path for me.

STILL I will say enough, and allow H.S to heal this for me.

There really is nothing else to do, is there?

OHMYGODTHISISHILAROUS – look at that video – Blue is having a ball with me – oh how i needed to see that one! But it was NOT the one I wanted to post here 🙂 – let me see if I succeed this time:

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