Accepting what is

Yesterday, I had one of the most sublime Sedona-sessions ever. My new Skype-partner Cary asked me  questions that allowed me to stay gently with what is – and i stayed with the fear-energy which lodges around my heart.

It was all allowed and witnessed with presence and L0ve, and inside it I heard a chorus of agonized voices from the collective mind that cried out to be heard – just heard. I knew that I heard them, a great peace enveloped me/us, and I found myself giving it all over to the One. A rush of spiritual energy was felt, and I was calm and peaceful.

The came the night: cramps absolutely everywhere. They were on the border of just tolerable, but it was impossible to rest and sleep – so I watched English country-side series instead: From Lark rise to Candleford.

I sensed quickly that it was no use to affirm that the pains were not real. It seems that I have decided to “do this” availability within the dream – and when I ask Blue about it,He tells me to simply say yes to it.

So I needed a little nudge to be reminded about this last night. I could not hear Blue’s Voice – the cramps felt really bad.

When I came into the dark living room, a light flared up to my left. I looked: nothing there. Then it flared up again – it was my Walkman that I had forgotten to close. I took it up and looked at the program it was showing: it was a class by ACIM teacher Jamie Romkey, called “Accepting what is.” I had not listened to his classes for a long time, and had not consciously opened his class – but there it was.

I listened to him talking about the importance of accepting where we are: if the identification to the body still is strong, just acknowledge it and don’t try to pretend it is an illusion.

So for some reason, this is where I still need to do the work – acceptance of pain as not “MY” pain but THE pain – and assisting it in being released to Truth.

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