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Ilona:Good work. One note- would be great if you could leave all teachings aside, including the precious one and use only your own words, only your own descriptions. This is where you got to start thinking for yourself. It does not matter what the course teach. We are looking here to see what is, not if this or other teaching is saying. Cool? 

I agree that I am here to see for myself. It is also true that I have definitions /experiences the last 30 years which contradict what you have found out for yourself – one of them is that body is an illusion and its perception is not true perception, as long as it is tainted with the identity of the small self/ego.
What your “looking” offers is, as I see it ( and hope it is correct) a rapid way to stop see the ego/self as “me” and “important “- here the two methods are completely in sync, as in so many other cases.

Body feels pain. 

Suffering is in the mind.  

Is it true? 

It is true that pain seems to be in the body. I have often, however been shown that the real source for pain is a decision in the mind – and when I change my mind, pain disappears

When there is strong sensation in the arm labeled as pain, it can be observed and felt. If mind started saying- poor me, this should not be happening- immediately the sufferer appeared. This is not necessary in daily life. However, pain is not to be avoided. Animals get in pain too. Body is wired to send the signal of pain so something can be done about it. If you put hand in fire, hand hurts, does t it?

Yes – and it can disappear in seconds when I succeed in remembering who I am – I am as God created me,  NOT the little self/Leelah.

You say that body is a vehicle for the mind. Is this true? Is mind located in the body? Where is it then?

Mind is outside time and space. Body is a false-idea in the mind: “I exist as separate, outside Oneness.” Split-mind thinks it is separated from Oneness and has projected its thought of separation as bodies/selves – who defends their “reality” by protecting their “selves.” Here is where your questioning and the Course are on the same track, and where I can be helped.
This thoughtsystem has shown itself to be true for me untold times. I  am willing to enter your thoughtsystem of seeing the body and objects as real, and see for myself – and I think we both have the same def.of reality: it does not change when we stop believing in it.

Let’s go back to the mirror exercise- what is it that sees the reflection of body? Is there a seer? Or just the seen? Is there a gap between seeing, seer and the seen?

There is just the seen. There cannot be a gap between the seer,seeing and the seen : I did the exercise you gave to Bob on your blog and experienced the same: there is no gap – seeing and seen are different states of mind existing simultaneously.

Do you see mind when looking in the mirror?

No of course not – but I can see Love coming through the eyes,  and that belongs to spirit,not to the body

 Do you see thoughts?


Can a thought see?


Can Leelah know anything? Or is it all just a nice story about Leelah knowing?

A label of separation cannot perceive. Leelah is a story that is identified with – to lesser degree than before. The elements of the story are there, and there is more observing now than clinging.

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