Description or reality

Dear Leelah.
Try this:
Smell something nice for 1 minute. Feel the scent. Indulge.
Then for the next minute describe the smell.
Read further after you done this exercise.
Filtercoffe from fairtrade, bag just opened. First sniff makes me happy: exotic,strong, with the ability to affect and bring out feelings and images. How to describe the smell? No idea! I can only describe what it makes me see, fantasize, associations to having great coffee with others. I can not describe the smell itself. It just is. This, by the way, was delicious just for 2 seconds – and then it turned chemical and rather nasty. Going to throw it out.
What does description have to do with direct experience of fragrance?
What is real- the sensation of scent or description?
Is description a story
What is story
Descriptions about the real thing : associations,images, memories
Can it be close to reality and far away?
You mean can it be both? description of smell can  NOT be accurate at all – the descriptions are filled with emotional qualities like soft, tender,happy and so on. It can also be far away, and it really does not make a difference
Does it make a difference?
Does story about scent influence reality?
Dig here, focus on direct experience, notice the difference between real and description of real.
I did. Description of my experience – what it made me feel -may bring some of the memory of it back, maybe – 
Can description be ever experienced same way as experience itself?
 Story does not deny what happened, it describes it. But it can only be in thoughts. Biographical story is also a story about what happened in the past. But is it here now?
Be kind to yourself Leelah.
That which is imagined, is not here now. It is in imagination.
What is here now?
Memory of the mechanical after-smell, and the disappointment – expectations ruined –
You are getting closer.
Sending love.

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