The dreamed-up me’s

Warning: graphic descriptions of violence

 Only the imaginary self can be hurt, by imaginary hurts

I asked Blue yesterday what was behind all that fear in the body. I dreamt about an evil witch, living on a farm. She pretended to be a wise healer, the epitome of wisdom, but I immediately recognized the witch-energy and knew she was after my soul. – I sneaked into her buildings and found a huge concrete-room. The souls were stored in small niches – some were small children whose power she fed herself on.

When I wake up, I sense this “evil” energy that I grew up with ,filling my energy field, and I am being  reminded of a  true story I read yesterday in the newspaper. It presented a young North Korean, born in a Prison labour camp by parents who were “given to each other”to produce children/slave-workers.

By a miracle’ this guy managed to fly: He fled with a another guy who broke through the electric fence first and absorbed the electricity, and this guy succeeded in getting through it unharmed.

Now he was interviewed and the interview was filled with his own illustrations.The prisoners were always starving, and everyone – including family – spied on all others. This guy told on his mother and brother – he found his mother cooking an extra portion rice to his brother, and was wild by jealousy. His mother was hanged in front of him, his brother was shot. He heard that this was fair and believed it.

Small offenses were rewarded with death: a small girl stole 5 corn grains and was whipped to death. He himself was stripped naked and hung over fire until his skin took fire. He was six then.

Now he lives in South Korea and tries to survive.


This is also a story in the mind of the ego which comes into existence when we believe that separation really happened – and that we exists as separate “me”s. “Me” separate from “you, “me” separate from my spirit and Being. We deep down believe these atrocious things happen  because we are sinful and guilty.

I see now the connection between the story I read yesterday and the “witch” dream: being tortured in a prison camp by evil, and the fear of being tortured by the evil witch with her prison of souls. The effect of false beliefs are the same: both the “witch” and the prison-guards have closed off their hearts and connection to Love, and perceive their only way of living a life without torture is to subject others to it – taking the power-roles. Beneath their acts sits terror, repressed and denied – and repressed terror and hurt is a most favorable milieu for terrorists.

And all of this is, as the Course sees it, one of the consequences of believing in the tiny mad idea of separation.

My mind- which is really the One Mind -spins out endless variations of this theme, which the readers of this blog  the last year will have noticed.

Holy Spirit, I allow you to take this perception away from me and correct it.

Right now I am being with the sensations of evil with Jesus. Again I am reminded of a dream some 20 years ago: I was in hell, witnessing abominable atrocities. In that moment, I remembered that a couple of days earlier, I had had a sacred experience of holding the Christ Child in my arms – it was vivid an lifelike. Now, within the dream, I prayed to see with His eyes – and all the horror melted.

I pray that Christ’s true perception stays with me always, so that whenever these fields may present themselves, I will instantly remember that behind the mask of evil is a huge cry for love and safety – and re-connection with the Heart we all share. That witch is just as much “me” as the Leelah-me – just at different places  within the predator/victim-scale. And both dreamed up and believed in.

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