Cul de sac

I just had a Skype-sharing with a friend at Liberation Unleashed.She helped me see that the questions my guide has given me are used by the “me”-structure as means for feeling better – because it has not the faintest idea that what it is looking for, is available always. Right here. So questions are good – what has not been good is that I have believed in the should/ought-to/have-to-insistings of the “saving-voice”/storyteller/commentator/. In other words: strong pressure/force/stress.

It is now seen as a cul de sac.

Right now I am reminded of this poem by Portia Nelson ( I am not permitted to quote it here – but you may remember the person walking down the street and falling into a hole. He does it again the next day – and it is not his fault…it happens again 4 more times, until he gradually chooses to  walk another street)

So . I hear this shoulda-must commentator/storyteller: it is seen as the me-structure/”identity”speaking loudly – and I walk down another street.

This moment – and maybe forever – I see that I DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE IT ANY LONGER TO BE SAVED FROM DEATH. It is also seen how this has been an integral part of the I-identity/label, as a saving-voice – and that in the years 0-18 it probably helped me survive.

What is fun to see is that intuition/being has good hints to me all the time – and then the I-structure quick as lightening jumps on top of it and adds shoulds and musts and has to’s and NOW!!!!or else all hope is out – or else you are moron – but what I also see, is that it does only what it has learned to do by humanity: FEAR does it. FEAR will make you understand and learn.

It is seen as a wrong street to take, and nothing more.

In the process of seeing how the I threw itself on top of a perfectly sane and wise suggestion, big laughter came.

And how sweet to see that “I” did not laugh.

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 16:44:09

    I especially love the sidewalk hole metaphor.


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