Black Panther

DSC00683Yesterday I had a Skype session with Ashera Serfati. THANK YOU, Misha!, who recommended your teacher.

The first she did was to open sacred space, and the started to work with removing my father’s energy, and cords, while I breathed and breathed.  Deep anger and grief released.

She took me through a journey to a meadow with a tree. This image was the very same that I always have used as a starter to facilitate regressions from my clients. I entered the trunk and travelled to the roots , asked the guardian for permission to enter. She was a DAISY! Oh how I love that a flower is my guardian to the netherworld! I entered through a waterfall into a cave, and then I don’t remember what happened, but a black panther was introduced to me, as a strong and powerful force, a strong presence of safety as my companion. I was also told that it eats dark energy.

Then a radiant little child was returned to me- and with the explanation that she had always be kept safe – and now was a time to reintegrate her. She is such a bundle of sheer delight and joy of life!

We closed sacred space and gave thanks.

In the evening, I took a cleansing bath with sea salt and baking soda. Letting the water out, my floor was flooded. 12am I had to call an emergency plumber, whose name was ChristJ – young and handsome and skillful: he showed me in detail how to open the drain in the bathroom and insert long pliable thingy into it and just rinse and rinse and rinse. And schluff the water went down. It felt like something in me at LAST was able to find its free path out of my body.

And so the night came.There were NO tendencies to expect anything scary – all fear was gone. It seems like something wanted to bang it into place again, but it really couldn’t. Post traumatic stress-syndrome G O N E


AND  I   COULD  S L E E P !!!!!

When I woke up. I did not feel changed and happy, and that upset me – I “should have, now shouldn’t I?”

Lesson nr 5 in A Course in Miracles:

I am never upset for the reason I think

Jesus speaks here about all forms for upset being the same; we are upset because we think separation is real, and that we are sinful and guilty and in great danger of a wrathful God’s revenge – we are upset because the mind THINKS and BELIEVES that it has denied its true Self.

And a clear thought came: “but it is not true.”

There was no contradicting this: it was seen as truth. Everything seemingly “other” than our true Self is a dream.

Slowly everything changed in my perception.

I went to the mall – listening to “Ode to joy,” Schiller/Beethoven.  The music and the joy and the weather and the walking and the cold air in my lungs and the rhythm of my steps – all were perfection and ONE seamless process.

At the mall, for the first time in my life there was no identification with the others’ state of mind/suffering. Gone was the supersensitive tendency to pick up everything, and the feeling responsible to fix it. All was simple. I loved every person, saw everybody as thoughts from my mind, there was nothing I wanted to change, all was utter perfection. A man I see often and don’t like and never smile too was there, we looked at each other and smiled broadly. Oh how I loved his face!

At the bus home, the driver insisted that I had already paid for my trip. I looked very confused, since I really hadn’t  – but he insisted and laughed.

Perhaps I really have paid now for all “my” sins – 🙂


Here are some photos from the installation I made with the stone thrown through the window, the glass-shards and some tinsel-wreath I found in the Christmas decorations.

Stone that broke my entrance


Here you can see the size:compare to the match.


Here I have placed a little shaman with the Stone -and you may enjoy the beautiful glass-heart that happened when the door was crushed

stone and heart in magic light

 I love the light that accentuates the glass-heart


At last, the stone in the circle seen from above:

Sacred circle

Sacred circle



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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 23:29:08

    You are amazing!. I think I’d just have trouble sleeping …


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