Comment from Mara

For you both, Leelah and notes…so resonate with you both, Same here with difficult nights, and peace at day…all part of conditioning falling away and knowing to feel fully all that is present. Yes, expansion and contraction..natural movement and flow. That is what we are experiencing with this see-saw, ‘in and out’, of awareness or whatever you want to call it. We feel that quality of clarity in awakening is ‘lost’, or the clarity deepens and in between this it feels lost. Of course there is nothing to ‘do’…the ‘I’ that ‘got it’ was never there, and can do nothing (it wasn’t really lost.)
You are that awareness, and this is the grounding, you (we) start living it as spontaneous happening(s) occur. :) )) Relaxation and tranquility increases spontaneously….much love, Mara (some of this said in email to you Leelah :)
nice to meet you notesofashaman :)

And  my blog today would just share that the ground floor SEEMS to be lost 🙂

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