Dare to believe what you know

Another nocturnal session with Barb…I found a part that thought it was safe to choose agony, safe to choose terror! Barb said: “but you don’t have to believe that.” And it felt T E R R O R  at hearing that – because it believed its job was to choose terror and agony as its friends.

“You don’t have to believe that” opened a door to freedom –

We see that when we believed the tiny mad idea that it was possible to separate from God, it felt so horrible that we chose to believe it was real. But it is impossible to feel safe away from God, since you can’t BE away from God. It all comes back to choice. Even if you choose to be separated, God is still there

If I think of the stone-thrower, and all that agony comes up – God is there too

Maybe these tensions and agony is NOT necessary, realizes the “part” -and something inside relaxes, tears are falling, no crying, just release –

Leelah sees that this idea coming into this part of the mind – the words “But you don’t have to believe that” – that is a denial of the denial of Truth –

Barb: “You know it Leelah – believe what you know -dare to believe what you know

Leelah:  Dare to believe what I know


I know

that God is always present. Without Love there is no Life

I can believe I am alone

but it is not true

I can believe people want to kill me

and that is part of the dream that comes through me

but it IS a dream-

and it is true that outside the dream there is just Love loveing

Each time I think I am trapped and overwhelmed in agony and terror, this IS a thought that I believe

I CAN  choose to believe in Love

I can dare to believe what I know – that God is present whether I doubt or fear or believe in terror or not: nothing has happened except in my mind.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 15:35:43

    Beautiful Leelah! The ego always speaks first and then the Holy Spirit answers. You pictured this wonderfully!


  2. Hedda
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 09:15:35

    Dear Leelah, reading your blog this Sunday morning was really nice and helpful for me 🙂 Thank you ! I actually came here to tell you that Byron Katie is coming to Stockholm in July. I like to think of Ken Wapnick as my spiritual father and Byron Katie as my spiritual mother. I am so incredibly thankful for both of them. Ken takes me far beyond this illusion and Katie helps me when I get stuck in the “normal life”. I’m going to Stockholm in July and I would love to see you there as well if you have a chance to come ?
    Lots of Love


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