The tipping point

This morning, the moment there is a belief in the old story of being attacked, the tremendous pain starts in the heart. I am aware that this moment I do not even ask for help – there is no God available where I seem to be.

And all the same, the tipping point may have been reached. The miracle comes: gentle thoughts from Love are noticed, in the middle of crazythoughts. I recognize that even though the effects/symptoms are overwhelming, there is also a willingness to deny the reality of these projections of guilt from the mind. The Voice had been able to be heard because the willingness to see past the symptoms to Love was present.

I talked to a policeman Friday about coming here today, and was told to call back this morning and set up time. I realized that doing that started a whole avalanche of  expectations and speculations of what they MIGHT discover – and  I saw that this influence was not healing  for me: it created more paranoia, and they could find evidence that confirmed that.

It was seen that what I needed to strengthen, was the trust and support in Love inside my mind, and not looking for and finding proofs  for insane attacks in the outside world.

The first insight this morning was that I did not have to call the police today. Then I was reminded of the heart of glass that manifested in the middle of the destruction: a beautiful symbol not to be missed. “That heart could not have been manifested if you did not trust Love to be Truth” said Blue. I truly see how everything happens through me and not to me.

I chose with Barb recently to notice that not calling the Police created peace inside. I realized that I already had chosen that. When the fear-thoughts this morning came and started to doubt my former decision –  that was when the attack was felt the most acutely.

This is an old pattern in the mind of humanity: to doubt one’s decision for peace. That doubt – given support and confidence – creates huge chaos in the mind: it gives a signal to deny truth and choose fear. No wonder this manifests so strongly in my body!

What happened this morning may be the consequence of me bringing all doubts to Him the last 3 days, and repeatedly denying fear as real. 1

The willingness to see Love instead of fear is now seen to have brought fruits.


Later in the morning, still in bed, an alarm-like sound is heard and takes me out of wonderful dreams. I hear myself ask ” what is this alarm thought in my mind?”

“If I don’t do take the “right” choice NOW I will never have another chance.” Meaning – I HAVE TO do the one right thing now ( like calling the police) or disaster will happen – and it will bring calamities on the whole world. And the pressure to HAVE TO  find “the (ego)right thing….impossible.

What a terrifying image of God that is beyond such a thought- and how it gives importance to the personal ego-me. I remember to forgive myself for  subconsciously using my father and zillion other people* to  threaten me  with this lie – “you must get this NOW.”

What a great way to block the gentle Voice of Truth.

1 Denying fear as real doe NOT mean that I deny that I feel it – I just deny the stories it tells.

*The Course teaches that it is the Son of God as Mind, outside time and space, who chooses each moment which teacher to listen to: Love – or ego.

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  1. zapalaspeaks
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 18:56:37

    hi! I really like your post. You may be interested in the blog of my teachers in Vermont, they do a type of archetypal dream therapy that may have crossover with the course in miracles:


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