The wolf and the grandmother

Yesterday I realized that Fred (the stone-thrower) and I have  a soul-agreement this life: that we would end this pattern of projections and roles between us. – He has got “the big bad wolf”-role  and I am the grandmother who is eaten :-). AS I “saw” this, I saw in my inner eye that Fred was taken out of the attack-trance – deep peace enveloped him, he  quite lost his ferociousness.

I told this to Kit today in our sharing-session – and also shared that I will not report him to the police – since that would NOT bring healing to the fear-complex: I would only fear the moment he came out again – just postponing the agony.

Much better to use the situation for healing.

What is important for me is that I am able to see through the fear and find the gift inside this whole process – symbolized by the wonderful glass heart.


We are both part of a healing awakening-process : when he threw that stone, he broke through a story of denial – my denial of my own rage. It felt very liberating to get in touch with that primordial rage, and not take it personal.

I want to write him a handwritten letter…telling about the glass-heart, and how I see that as a sign of Love: we can trust that this relationship between us can be used for Truth and Love for both.

Now it is seen so clearly that we have just played out roles in a  classic  story – but the roles say nothing about who we ARE in reality.

And I see that what I really want – and what makes me feel so peaceful when thinking about it – is suggesting that we might have a phone or Skype-conversation where we both speak and listen to each other in segments of 5 minutes each: when A speaks, B listens and reflects back what s/he hears.

To report him to the police now would cheat me of that gift – and it may also tip him over into deep thoughts of revenge.

Truth is not helped by it.

I remember a wonderful session we had. One of many where the Divine Feminine became present. He was painting a picture of a vortex of dark feelings, and inside was an empty space. When I asked what wanted to be painted there, he quickly painted a yin/yang sign. And outside this a blue slender and tender figure appeared: Mother Mary. She told him that whenever he is plagued by dark moods, he needs to recognize that she is there at the same time – and that he can choose to put his focus on her and not the chaos.

It IS the only sane choice there is – but in order to take it, we need to realize that the chaos/terror/pain-stuff – however strongly it manifests – is not real, and the thoughts about it do not tell the truth.


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