Another lamp-teaching

Coming out from the kitchen in the evening – the entrance light was off.

The last times this has happened,I have felt a shock of fear through me. This time – a slight surprise. I was standing there, calmly, waiting – for what? I felt calm, love,patience – and after a good while I heard myself saying, ” I don’t mind if you are off or on any longer. The light inside me is what counts, and I trust it.

The light comes on.

Later in the evening: this is the first night, after the crashing of the door the 1st of January, that I have not turned the alarm on before I go to bed. That brings up fear. I look at the entrance light, and it goes out. I know I have chosen fear – by the mind outside time and space – and I choose again, the moment I am aware of it.

The light comes on

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