Leaving home

Leaving home

(…the last day home for Lucifer)

Oh, come on! You know I didn’t mean it like that ..” I did not want that firework to scare old Pete –


No! I just want some recognition, dammit!

That’s a new word

Well I invented it! I want you to take me more seriously – I want recognition!

For what, dearest?

Well – you should’t need to ask, really – haven’t you noticed all I have done for this old boring place lately?


That’s so typical. You don’t notice anything. God you’re so – so ignoring me!


Haven’t you noticed that the Palace has been shined recently? And the grand horn-concert we held yesterday outside it, to celebrate? You did not even notice that I played solo, I guess – did not see you around?

-There was a horn concert?

Oh my God wake up! That’s what I mean – you don’t notice all I do for this place!

Dearest child, I love you. I can’t love you less than I love you, and not more. You don’t have to do a thing, dear – it’s all fine the way it is

No it isn’t, dammit! I want to be your favorite, your liebling, your number one!!

What strange language. I see that you are upset, and I would love to help you

That’s what I mean! So condescending! I want a place beside you, I want us to be equal!

How could we not be equal? I have nothing that is not yours. You have had it all forever.



And there he sits now – far away, on his chosen place for specialness and “more” – it is 1965 and, and he has just written a great new song and blown it into the head of somebody called Jagger and Richards


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