Swiming to Jesus

When the usual cramps started  early this morning in the right leg, the usual rage was also found. I felt my hand moving to the right sitting-bone in my behind, and heard myself say – and mean it:


Cramps  instantly gone


I had a dream after that – about a strange bullfrog that looked familiar. When I awoke, I allowed the recognition to be made: yes – I had already written a story about it!

Here it is:

39 You have to move

Bilde (25)



 “No no no, I won’t I won’t!” wimps little Wimpygloom, shivering in the tepid water of Genesaret Sea – now mysteriously  re-located to the marketplace of old Jerusalem. Don’t ask. In front of her is the All-seeing Eye, mounted on a pillar. Tired of all these wimps from people or creatures afraid of water.

The bullfrog Porgy behind Wimpy enjoys his lofty position. He gives her swimming-advice, but Wimpy will not listen: she has made up her mind. She hates that wet stuff that gets into her mouth and nose and eyes – it is sweet water and it etches her delicate mucous membranes.

The All-seeing Eye sighs. “I can’t bear this any longer. I will abdicate from the position as All-seer.” And he does. Closes his big eye. Well! Powerful effect, I must say. Little Wimpygloom forgets the danger of the water, takes her fist out of her mouth and starts laughing. Her little round yellow silky shiny belly shakes with laughter; she loses balance and falls backwards. A huge splash hits Porgy before he falls into the water too and hits Wimpy, who bites him in the butt. That makes him jump right back onto his branch, and when Wimpy has her head out of the wet stuff, she now observes a strange phenomenon:

The pillar has opened, and a calm and radiant woman in shimmering white is coming out, carrying a little basket with Verbena flowers in yellow and pink – and some Juicy Fruit.

Porgy and Wimpy are chewing and blowing bubbles, the Verbena flowers are covering Genesaret Sea, what a wonderful sight. Wimpy slowly lets herself lay on her back, and to her great surprise, floats in the sea of heavenly scented flowery water to the other side of Genesaret Sea.

“I thought you’d never come, Sweetie” says Jesus, and they start splashing water at each other. All the little Verbena-flowers are giggling with pink and yellow voices.


Now – reflecting on the gifts of the dream, and this Porgy-figure coming to me exactly where I am:

I recently visited my daughter and her husband in their new home. I brought a self-made gift, and it made my son-in-law realize how much loved he is. He expressed this with gratitude and just sat there and looked at me silently in love and gratitude for a long time – and I was not able to fully receive it. I slept over, and had one of the badddest night evver – but today, in my own bed, I realized that all that entire goof that went on yesterday was just integration – and the suffering came from unconscious resistance to love.

Insights from the story:

The All-seeing Eye is ego as The Big Controller- at last abdicating from his boring position. Great power – but who wants it, just having to be a pole? And as soon as he resigns, fear is lost in Wimpy/me – and what really changes things is the laughter. The whole stuck position is not taken seriously any longer THANK GOD – and then there is an opening for true blessing to happen, and I can swim to Jesus:) and play and enjoy LIFE!

And the sweetness in seeing that the me-label / ego had just been given the owner-position of the Sacred Feminine.  As soon as I changed my mind and removed it from its sovereignty, Love was free to step forward and do its blessing.











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