A glimpse of Heaven

Presence is full of humor.

Yesterday I had a Skype-sharing with Cary. The connection to Internet was really bad, and I had  to log out and in 3 times during our hour together. Each time the unease grew -until I knew. THIS was exactly what I wanted to release on: the feeling of disconnection and isolation. It became clear very fast that that feeling was just based on the belief that it was possible to BE separated – and that it existed a “me” who could be separated. As we talked, and sensed the connection and love between us, there was no doubt that when in the present moment, there is no disconnection. No separation ever happened. Just a thought, believed in. Cary expresses how wonderfully open and free it feels to talk right now.

I am resting with the body, the pain, the input from the mental body/ego – it feels allowing.Simple.

In the morning after, the pain in the lower body seems to be more than possible to just be with.There is a deep despair following, believing in the thoughts that it will never change – and then a doubt in the validity of those thoughts.

A window opens: in a nano-second I see Heaven. I see reality: kind. Gentle. Loving. Everpresent. Unchanging. The effect on my state of mind is instantaneous – a deep release, a falling away of trust in the thoughts in the mind.


As I lay there and look into the memory of Heaven – the Image gone, but the imprint still stays – I listen to the mental body suggesting what to do and think to bring it back. I remember Michael Brown’s words “the mental body think it is God” and that is so helpful. Somehow it feels more true to say “the mental body” than “ego” – and it is a way to acknowledge that it feels like “mine.”

I am reading “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown currently – and it underlines the beauty and importance of being with pain. He shares my experience that Presence/Spirit places in our “way” what we need to look at, in order for us to be able to reintegrate unconscious matter from our past. When we can’t see it inside, we’ll meet it outside. I have for a couple of weeks worked with a deep fear of a repairman being scheduled to come today: I projected all the terror from childhood on him, because of something in his voice that scared me and which I made hundred scary stories about. This morning, that fear had gone, and the alarm system did not need repair after all, so I called  central and canceled, asking them to call the repairman.  But Spirit – or Presence – had a surprise for me: 15 minutes later, a little guy in uniform showed up with a big smile and told me he had come to work on my alarm – and it was the same little guy that installed it and worked with it a second time.

I heard” surprise!!” inside, and giggles – this was what Love sent me, and no scary big stalker.

What a great reminder this is: I SCARE MYSELF by believing in the old scare-thoughts. What happens in reality mirrors the healing that already has happened in the mind because of my forgiveness work, my willingness to see differently.

I am again reminded to BELIEVE in what I know:)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andrew Dertien
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 12:46:06

    Thank you for the link to Michael Brown. Going to try the RnAdrops and find out more about his work.


  2. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 15:59:12

    Oh my! The power of fear. The equal power of giggles.


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