Luggage lost and no tears

Dream this morning:

I was traveling with my daughter (in dream she was about 11 I think, the age she had when Kip died) – and all passengers had lost their luggage, due to some error  by the railways. We were let off at the station where we all had booked our holidays, and my  daughter was furious. I felt that I could offer another way to look at it: “Now we have an opportunity to try out what we have learned about reality and Love. We can trust that this happens as a great opportunity to forgive – meaning not take anything serious – and we can expect miracles to happen, things that will happen because of this that has the ability to bring us out of the old patterns of control and excessive baggage. And I KNOW everything will be wonderful – because we come to Spirit with empty hands now, trusting Love.”

We found ourself in  the end of a VERY long line to be booked in – but it dissolved so fast!  And as I stood there, I felt like a child going to a great party with wonderful surprises. I knew beyond the slightest doubt that all was taken care of – luggage lost included.


March the 15th I had this experience in the evening:

I had been having a rage going on for hours.  I asked “where have I felt this before?” and let it go – and suddenly I was back in an experience of celebrating Christmas at the Fortress when i was 6-7 – my uncle was  the commander  there. I remembered it as very dark and spooky  ( these days people are shown around in its cellar on ghost-tours) but now I was shown that there was a ghost with a huge anger in one of the walls – ! and I had taken that on. So I guess that this is a variation of integrating childhood emotional charges – it just wasn’t “my” charge or experience, it seemed. I had the feeling that I could help that guy/spirit move on. As I asked him if he would like that, and there was a great sense of liberation, joy and gratefulness.
And the anger inside me was gone – at least for that day

Today, after the dream this morning, I was tuning in on strong pains in my feet, and had the same impression: these were connected to another time. Middle ages it was, and as I was shown bits and pieces of torture in its insane variations, I felt a melting tenderness, a gratitude that I wanted to let go of any remnants of holding on to justified anger and rage as victim of torture in any form: In other lives I have for sure had the role of the torturer.

There really is not time: all that ever happened is present in the Now – and it is only Now that I can forgive

It is a dream, the Course reminds me- a dream in the mind of the Son of God having gone to sleep and forgot who he is.

And as I am massaging the painful feet, my crooked toes relax and look like new

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  1. jacalyn
    Mar 18, 2013 @ 01:28:56

    Wow, your dream indicates a clear acceptance of these principles in your mind, principles to live by ALL of the time! I honor you for your dedication!


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