time dissolving

Time is certainly showing to be fluent. I went to bed about 12pm yesterday and woke up 2 am – and was convinced I had slept for 5-6 hours!The sleep-pattern is changing lately. There was also a lovely dream in the well-known pattern of me going to a retreat/hotel something, and this time my luggage were to be brought to me  by my parents – but it -they-never arrived:)

It seems I must have left my luggage where it belongs: the parent-area, where the emotional imprints are charged this lifetime –

Right now I am just sitting and saying thank you

thank you

thank you

and only when I say thank you do I truly know that I have received the gift

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 18:23:25

    I like this!


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