Integration of emotional signature

– and what a gift this is!

I had a couple of close friends for dinner. Afterwards, I invited them to see the French film “The untouchables.”  

The film starts with Driss – a huge African-French man – being extremely rude to a paraplegic man. And Peter stands up from the sofa, looking crazy with anger, and tell us he will NOT see this movie and that the director is doing something abominable to accept such behavior and “advertise it” in the movie.

Betty and I try to reason with him – it is impossible to reach him: whatever we say, is met with the same anger at  what he sees as a consent of disrespectful behavior. “If I had a gun I would shoot him!” says Peter, and I don’t find any words – I am in my story – a big man is going amok with anger in front of me and I cannot reach him.

The Betty says, with a clear voice: “Now – we calm down. We calm down.” She walks over to Peter and puts her arms around him. She tells him to just do what he needs to to take care of himself, and that she and I will see the movie.

I see him coming to his senses. A light is turned on in him – and he says: “Now I can see the movie.”

No reasoning at all could reach him. Only Love, letting him know that what he was feeling was NOT judged in any way, was not wrong.

We saw the movie to the end, and Peter laughed at the same places where Betty and I laughed, and enjoyed Driss’s transformation.

Afterwards Betty asked me if I got afraid at Peter’s outburst. I thought about it – and said no.

But after they had left, the entrance-light went out, and suddenly I felt how strong terror I felt. As soon as I acknowledged it, the light came on.

I recognized that Peter was a messenger, and the message was touching energetically this old fear in me of a crazy-angry father who could not be reached, and who soon would turn into a monster who would attack me. And Betty showed me that all it took to bring him out of that trance was unconditional acceptance and love – AND also that we would not sit and pamper his anger: we would see the movie.

But his feelings were seen as acceptable! And the loving hug allowed him to not feel any guilt at all about it. And the whole  emotional imprint in me came up to the surface, brought up seconds of strong shivers and crying – and then the emotional charge was gone.

And all that is left is gratitude for the process – and  a deep appreciation that I am taken care of by Presence.

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