Is it real?

The Course asks us to remember to not accept any thought that does not come from reality – i.e. God/Truth/Heaven.

In the mind of anyone who has been abused in any way, there are lots of strategy-thoughts belonging to survival-mode – and they all revolve around “me”.

I am these days acutely aware of the survival-strategies that I built up when small – and also aware that they saved my life.

But what it is really about it this: if it is not real – that is, a thought  from Love – I can let it go and not react to it.

As soon as I react, I am part of the energetic vortex of guilt and sin and fear – and then I have identified myself with ego and its thought-system.

It came to me right now, while sharing with Kit by Skype:

It is not real – and it cannot harm the truth of who I am.

I will stick to that, and stay out of discussions

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