Allowing the highest love to express itself as music

In his book, “The untethered soul” Michael A.Singer shares in a lucid way how to release what Michael Brown in his ” The Presence Process” calls emotional imprints, or emotional signatures. Singer uses the Sanskrit term  Samskara. “A Samskara is a cycle of stored past energy patterns in a state of relative equilibrium. it is your resistance to experience these patterns that causes energy to keep cycling around itself. There is no other place for it to go. You won’t let it. This is how most people process their issues. This packet of energy is literally stores in your energetic heart center. All the Samskaras you have collected over your life are stored there.”

I love how Spirit continually leads me to always further expansions of knowledge, to help me from getting stuck.

He gives us clear directions on how to release – another way of describing Brown’s “being with” – description. He says: “Let it happen. Get it over with. Don’t process them one by one, it’s too slow.” (Oh thank God! :)) “Stay centered behind them and let them go. —If you relax and release, the purification of the heart is a wonderful thing. Set your eyes on the highest state you can imagine and don’t take them off. If you slip, just get back up. it doesn’t matter.”

And that brings me to my sweet revelation this morning: while doing this, setting my eyes/intention on the highest state I can imagine, I heard this concert  clear in my mind.

I went to YouTube and found this:

please scroll forward to 20:16, where the Romance starts.

This is played by one of my greatest loves: Krystof Zimerman, born in Krakow 1956 – but here, he is 20 years old

Listening to this is much easier that holding on to visual images. Now I can just allow it to play in my mind – and I know this so by heart –

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