This is a half-dead Jasmine bush which has served as a kind of fence between me and the world. A Wall, if you will – it has felt as a protection.

During the years, it has grown more and more like a huge magpie’s nest

In the winter, snow  bends its thin branches toward the ground

So I just found two guys with a tractor working close to my house and asked if they would have a quick job. They would, and removed it in less than a minute – see video

The feeling of relief is close to overwhelming:)

This symbol of a half dead part of the mind struggling to live, and the dead parts just expands, and the life parts has to struggle to live – nope, going to take that thing down and release it to the Great Tractor Claw 🙂

I am going to put up a new fence, like the neighbors – it is very low, and I will plant a red tree here!

The Red Tree by the highly awarded Shaun Tan is a very much-loved book:

The girl/we all/ has an image of  the red leaf on the wall over the bed: I see the leaf as an image of the extension of God’s Love, which is Christ. On all the pages, which shows different dark moods and aspects of fear and depression, the red leaf is present on each of them – but this is something the reader has to find out for herself. You can hardly see it on some pages. Oh, the joy when I first discovered it!

On the last page, the depressed girls returns home – and there is the Tree, now fully bloomed! For me, the Tree is truth.Home.God. Our true Self, who we realize when we start to notice the leaf’s presence in the middle of everything dark that seem to be real for us.

It was always there, of course – we just need to change our perception and look with Love

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Jun 10, 2013 @ 20:35:11

    I love this! thanks.


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