Dancing in the crater of the volcano

Connecting with Love…The Holy Spirit IS the connection between the human and the divine.Trusting in this connection is trusting His presence – which is the presence of my Self, as God created me. Me not as Leelah: Me as The Son of God.

In the morning, a particularly nasty energy field arose. I discovered something liberating: I needed to maintain a certain level of depth to facilitate its release. I asked for assistance by the presence of Sri Aurobindo, and was able to zoom/sink into the field to a certain point where it opened to Love. Until I found that point, nothing moved.

It is such an exquisite feeling to be able to be grateful for these occasions with darkness arising – here is where the choice for Love presents itself.

I was given a memory of the power of this connection  with Love- and its healing effect in a situation that seemed to lead to death.

In 1991 I did spiritual work with a group of people from all over the world. We met on certain power places and did our work, which had much to do with singing and dancing – that’s why I joined. This year we were in Ecuador.

On the top of the dizzying steep trail down to the floor of the volcano Pululagua, many of us started to cry and could not stop. There was an agony there, so bottomless deep.

We did our sacred dances.

The sun was exactly over our heads – no shadows. The work was exhausting with places of silent ecstatic joy. When we returned up that steep trail in pitch black night, 2-3 hours climbing, there was a dark looming feeling of hopelessness in the group, and about one hour before the top, a woman in front of, who had complained of chest-pains for a while, stopped and told us she would have to lay down. She was certain she would die there.

There were no cell-phones at that time. We had to get her up, but carrying her in that thin  air – 11000 feet over sea level  was out of the question.

In this moment I found myself filled with a tremendous strength and power. And JOY – joy of knowing who I was, who we were. From this connection to Self I started to sing, inviting those around me to join. and there was no doubt in this Self that I /this Force of Love/could help her up.

There was an instant connection between her and me – and then the people around us -and I was carried up the trail by this joyful strength and the lady was too, step by step, foot by foot, defying the death- forces that we all had been in touch with in our work.

And there we were – the bus waiting. I don’t remember if the woman went to a hospital – but I still have her letter where she said I saved her life. No, it was not “I” who did that – a collective decision to join with Love did it.

I am reminded now that this is the strength of trusting the connection to Love-God.

No wonder ego is terrified.

Ah, and this lovely story is perfect to round this post off:

Our leader Solara(  I want to honor her as one of the great visionaries and pointers to Oneness) also arranged the strangest experience i ever had. In that time in Ecuador, we live in a posh hotel. One day we met the Ecuadorian Olympic soccer team in the lobby – and Solara, with her vast charisma, invited them to do the star dance with us! They said yes – and we all danced the Sacred Spiral Dance with silver star-wreaths in our hair. The experience of meeting each of these  very macho men with star wreaths and soccer jerseys during part of the dance was indescribable: talk a bout leaving roles and meeting int his Now. The memory of their sweet surprised smiles still linger in my mind.

I see some of these videos for the first time today, as I googled Solara. I even recognized myself – the one who wanted so much to remember who she is, and tried out everything to do it – and got a lot of good friends

(and climbed the pyramid at night. yes I did. 🙂

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Jun 17, 2013 @ 02:35:56

    Climbed the pyramid! Wow! I’m impressed. In fact, I like this whole entry.


    • leelotchka44
      Jun 17, 2013 @ 11:44:30

      I wrote that last sentence to impress, so i am glad it worked LOL ( and in the night too, it was!) With a Swedish woman and her Egyptian friend, who had a crush on her. he had guided many up the pyramid. I thought I would die for sure – no ropes – but at the top, I prayed for the fear to go into the apex of the pyramid – and Farghani held my hand and smiled and said all would be OK – and suddenly, poof all the fear was gone, the sun rose, it was magical, I literally jumped down, soo easy – and at the bottom the three of us were embraced and congratulated by the Pyramid guides( whom we had bribed to not notice us) – and one of them gave me a little scarab.


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