Great music

Yesterday the process of toggling two self-publish processes became a bit overwhelming, and darkness crashed on me. I got a Skype session with Stacy Sully and she took me again and again into an alignment-process with Christ in what she called the central chord. The process took me again and again into the one choice there really is: accepting and allowing the truth and Light to heal me, to turn me back into my true Essence.

Just this morning I realized that the central Chord is just another name for the Sushumna – and with this realization there was a gentle breakthrough. It is a wonder to me that there is a sweet connection to yogic traditions in my soul – like my name is a Sanskrit one. Leelah means divine play – and Saachi means Grace and also Truth.

While I was allowing the word Sushumna to reverberate through my mind, some words came up: “The west-eastern Divan.”

Taken from the website:

“In 1999, Daniel Barenboim, together with the late Palestinian literary scholar Edward Said and by invitation of the Kunstfest Weimar, created a workshop for young musicians from Israel, Palestine and various Arab countries of the Middle East seeking to enable intercultural dialogue and to promote the experience of collaborating on a matter of common interest. Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said named the Orchestra and workshop after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s collection of poems entitled “West-Eastern Divan”, a central work for the evolution of the concept of world culture. “

I listened to a soundtrack on the site, and felt vividly what was written on the site, about the philosophy of the musicians:

“Great music is the result of deep listening

Every player listening intently to the voice of the composer and to each other. Harmony in personal or international relations can also only exist by listening. Each party opening their ears to the other’s narrative or point of view.”

This paragraph connects me to the Sushumna-work – aligning myself with the central Light, my Source, resting in it, I listen deeply to the voices from the little tortured girl – allowing them all to be here. Writing this here now, I see that I can listen to those voices as parts of a choir, or orchestra, and the result is great music.

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