The green stuff

I am posting this with kind permission from Susan Ayres:

“A couple of weeks ago I came across this clip from Comedy Bang Bang (a tv show based on a podcast). The content of the clip is mildly funny but what really struck me was the visuals. The characters, objects, background, etc. are all in green for later cgi. It’s a cooking scene, so all the ingredients, tools, appliances, finished product even what the cooks are wearing can be digitally added later.

I often use the analogy of acting against a green screen to help me disassociate what i “see” out there from what i’m feeling. To help me understand “I am not upset for the reason i think i am.” I imagine saying my lines and emoting to a green screen with the expectation that the director will add the scary monster or other actors later. But at that moment there’s nothing there–just me reacting to nothing. Then i can look at my reactions, emotions and do my forgiveness work.

This clip takes it even further. Now most of the actors are dressed in green-or part of the “green screen” or part of “nothing.” It’s really helping me to understand that my body too is part of the dream, the projection of the mind.


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